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Extension Calling: advice for the farm, garden, and home

Apr 11, 2021

Multiflora rose started out as a good idea. But we know where the road of good intentions leads... Multiflora rose is a nuisance in fields and forests alike.  To get rid of this pest requires the right tools and the right timing. Tune in to learn important steps in getting good control.

Apr 4, 2021

Erosion comes in many forms and costs associated with soil loss are undervalued. Join us and our special guest Joe Lehman from the USDA NRCS and learn about how to take care of your soil and keep our streams running clear.  

Mar 28, 2021

Ergonomics is often looked at as silly fluff. But, what if your back could hurt just a little less after harvesting all day? Wouldn't that be nice?  What if paying attention to how your tools and totes are designed could make your farm more efficient and thus more profitable?  Tune in and learn how small changes can...

Mar 24, 2021

Potassium and Magnesium are important nutrients but they must be in balance to give a healthy diet to your livestock. Too much potassium in your fields from over fertilizing with manure can cause too little magnesium to be present in your forages leading your livestock to suffer from grass tetany.   Delaying grazing...

Mar 21, 2021

April showers bring May flowers, but be careful with Nitrogen in the spring. Your choice of a Nitrogen source can impact plant uptake, runoff, and acidity.  Learn about the 4 R's of fertilization and challenges to watch for in the spring.