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Extension Calling: advice for the farm, garden, and home

May 21, 2024

Rhododendrons and azaleas are some of the most beautiful plants in our spring landscape. They are tough and the deer don't prize their foliage. However, they do have problems. Most often the issues are caused by poor growing conditions which invite disease to take hold. We go over some of the big ones today. Images...

Apr 21, 2024

Turf grass takes effort. If you want a healthy lawn, there are some steps you can't ignore. Sharpening your mower blades is just one of them. Please check out our website: for more information after the...

Apr 14, 2024

Storm damage can be rough. A tree failure in a storm can be devastating. There are several things you can do to help your trees weather storms better, but you may be thinking of the wrong ones and making the risk greater.

Apr 7, 2024

Guest Erika Lyon from OSU Extension joins us to discuss the news surrounding highly pathogenic avian influenza including symptoms and biosecurity steps. We also give some quick tips for consumers.

Apr 5, 2024

Quickly remove all flood debris, including poisonous plants, from fields.  Vaccinate all livestock, including horses, exposed to flooded areas during or immediately after the flood.  Check with your veterinarian about which clostridial and tetanus vaccines to use for your animals and if you will need boosters. Closely...