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Extension Calling: advice for the farm, garden, and home

Mar 27, 2022

There's no downplaying the importance of access to safe drinking water. But did you know your produce needs safe drinking water too?  Today we add a little clarity to water testing needs for drinking water and irrigation water, including how to address problems.

Mar 20, 2022

With the passing of the equinox, spring is officially here. But the dangers of frosts and freezes are not gone. Row-cover is just one of the precautions you can take to protect young crops. Some crops like asparagus and rhubarb can be planted now.

Mar 13, 2022

Timing sprays to prevent problems is more effective. Today we discuss how to time your sprays right with a focus on preventing Apple Scab and Plum Curculio. We also introduce a forecasting  model that does all the math for you:

Mar 6, 2022

If you have poultry, you're hopefully aware that the highly pathogenic avian influenza is back again. Biosecurity simply means to take steps to keep disease off the farm. Backyard and small-scale farmers should be extra careful right now.  In this episode we discuss signs and symptoms for HPAI and simple steps to keep...