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Extension Calling

Jul 12, 2020

Ticks are part of summer (well, all seasons really).  As people venture outdoors the risk of getting bitten increases.  Unfortunately, ticks carry several zoonotic diseases.  Today we discuss the most common one in this area: lyme disease.  Learn to recognize the symptoms of lyme disease and how to best protect yourself...

Jul 5, 2020

There's a new tomato virus, thankfully it's not in town.  Learn steps to help keep your tomatoes protected.  We'll also help you understand how to identify kudzu and poison hemlock this summer and provide tips on how to control them.

Jun 28, 2020

Watching the prices plummet or sales completely stop caused many farmers more than one night of lost sleep.  We discuss the Corona Virus Food Assistance Program (CAFP) and how it could benefit small  and large farms alike.  Afterwards we discuss methods for how to control the dreaded and difficult knotweed.

Jun 23, 2020

A good beef farmer is a good grass farmer. This goes for all grazing animals. Quality food in sufficient quantities is important for the health of all living things. This week we discuss pasture management and it's importance to grass health and productivity. We also review different levels of management intensity and...

Jun 14, 2020

Why is meat so expensive at the grocery store right now? How can I improve my local food security?  Can I buy meat right off of a farm?  What is the risk of getting Covid-19 from meat packing plants that got shut down? These are just a few of the questions we answer in this weeks episode.